Are Dominicans Good at Golf?

They should be. Golf and baseball involve the same basic hand-eye coordination. So, one would think so. However, they are not. The bottom line is that this sport costs too much money and does not currently fit with most Dominicans’ cultural and economic level. I hate to say it, but it is true. The average Dominican does not have to pay anything and is readily able to take part in baseball at a young age. His or her parents also will have easy access and understanding of what is involved in something like baseball. Now, with golf you’d have to buy your child a set of clubs, and know what are the right ones at that. Further, you’d have to accompany that child to the course, or make arrangements to have them get into some private or semi-private range.  That is a lot to ask of most Dominican families and they’ll never do it. Further, they have thousands (I guess thousand maybe just hundreds) of well-known examples of Dominicans having “made it” as baseball players. All of that is very understood by all Dominicans up and down the social ladder. Every Dominican has heard of various baseball players who truly have made it “big time” with the “big boys” in the United States major leagues. What happens when a Dominican mother or father googles a bit about golf? It does not take them long to discover that, at least to some degree, golf is a sport for “rich” people, or at least it will certainly seem that way even if it may not be the complete truth.

The result is that there is no grass roots feeder system to create a large and continuous stable of players/prospects. Unless that happens you will never see Dominicans dominating the ranks like a Tiger Woods.