Is the Dominican Republic the Next Golf Getaway Vacation Spot?

The Dominican Republic only has twenty-six (26) golf courses.  That is very few golf courses when compared to places like the state of Florida in the United States. Yet, they’re growing. Why?

Dominican Growth in General

There is a move to make the north coast of the Dominican Republic (the DR) have the same set of resorts and big name tourist destinations that the Punta Cana area has. Punta Cana is in the eastern part of the island and is known for being more expensive and a better tourist area, and including a vast number of “all inclusive” options. Until now the north coast region, including areas such as Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete and Cabrera has not had the volume that Punta Cana has had. But that is changing. While before the north coast of the DR was much more for lower budget travelers, there is a push to rid areas like Sosua of prostitution and make it more family friendly. The DR is growing economically and there is substantial investment pouring into the north coast region.

There has been a growing number of expatriates who have decided to live full time in the north coast area: many are retirees and many are not. Businesses owned by expatriates in various industries have been springing up all over the place along the north coast.

Golf Course Projects are Being Planned for the North Coast of the Dominican Republic

Along with the move to make the Puerto Plata/Sosua region more similar to Punta Cana, and more inviting to clients who fit that profile, they need golf. So, golf courses are being planned and are in the works in this area.